History | Themes in World History
B391 | 2948 | Brooks

A portion of the above section reserved for majors
Above section open to both undergraduate and graduate students

No prerequisites.  This course emphasizes the shared experience of
humankind from Paleolithic times to the present.  Topics include the
world-wide domestication of plants and animals; the diffusion of
technologies, diseases, religious beliefs, and political
institutions; and the proliferation of global commercial networks,
migrations, and empires.  Topics concerning the twentieth century
include: “de-colonization”, “modernization”, “economic development”,
accelerating population increases, and depletion of global
resources.  There will be a practice map quiz, two “mini-exams”, a
mid-term exam, and a final examination.  All assignments are on
Reserve at the library.  Graduate students are responsible for either
a ten page paper or preparing a lesson plan incorporating World
History approaches.