History | Afro-Cuban Experience
F300 | 2990 | Walker

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This course is designed as an interdisciplinary examination of the
Afro-Cuban experience in the 19th and 20th centuries.  This time
period covers the geometric explosion in the importation of enslaved
Africans following the Haitian Revolution, the Ten Year’s War, the
Cuban-Spanish-American War, Cuban Independence, a host of U.S.
Occupations, the Cuban Revolution, and successive waves of
immigration into the United States in response to social, economic
and political realities of life under the new communist government.
In addition to the changing social status and treatment of Afro-
Cubans in and around these historical events, the course will also
analyze the creativity of the African-descended Cuba population.
This will include a host of musical/dance forms including son, rumba,
salsa, Afro-Cuban Jazz, folk art, visual art, poetry and literature,
religious iconography and practice, film, and sports.  The course
will conclude with an analysis of the social realities facing
contemporary Afro-Cubans on the island and those in the Miami exile