History | Ancient Civilization
H205 | 2928 | Watts

Above section carries culture studies credit

Ancient history is, by definition, something chronologically remote
from our world.  Despite this distance, the civilizations of Egypt,
Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome are not unfamiliar to us.  We can visit
their monuments, appreciate their artwork, and read their
literature.  We can come to know larger than life personalities like
Alexander the Great and ordinary individuals like Theophanes of

In this course, we will explore all that is familiar about the
ancient world as well as many of the features that make it
different.  Our focus will be on Classical Greece and Rome.  In
addition to describing the important historical events of this era,
we will consider how ancient societies understood their history, the
importance of slavery in ancient economies, and the different roles
played by women in the ancient world.  The course will teach students
to read an ancient text critically and discuss the relationship
between ancient literary and archeological evidence.

Students will be expected to complete readings in both ancient and
modern writings.  Assignments include one short paper (1-2 pages),
one term paper (8-10 pages), a midterm, and a final exam.