History | Introduction to Profesional Study of History
H601 | 3019 | Meyerowitz

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H601:  For new history graduate students only

This required course will introduce first-year graduate students to
the professional practice of history, including historiography and
the craft of historical writing.  What is history, and what is
historiography? How do past events become “history”?  How does the
professional practice of history differ from other forms of
engagement with the past? To answer these questions, we will
investigate the processes by which histories are made.

In the first two-thirds of the course, we will discuss recent
historical literature with an eye to discerning methods, theories,
approaches, and current debates. Assigned readings will range widely
in geographic and chronological focus.  In the last third of the
semester, we will work primarily on students’ individual projects,
involving research and writing based on primary sources.  Each
student will write two or three short historiographic essays based on
weekly readings as well as a short research paper that uses primary