History | Colloquium United States History
H650 | 3025 | Walker

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Above section meets with HIST H680 AND H665 AND H699


This course is designed to expose students to the multiplicity of
forms of expressive culture produced and experienced by people of
African descent in the Americas. Focusing primarily on the post-
emancipation period, the course is envisioned as both a transnational
and interdisciplinary examination. In addition to required readings
culled from the fields of religion, art history, dance, literature,
history, religious studies, anthropology, folklore, performance
studies, and ethnomusicology, students will be required to
participate in a number of intercultural encounters. These
experiences may include attending musical concerts, dance
performances, guest lectures, art exhibits, cultural festivals, and
religious services. Students will also be required to spend a
considerable amount of time in the reserve section of the library
listening to musical selections and watching assigned videos. While
the Americas, broadly defined, form the geographic boundaries of the
course, readings and experiences will be centered primarily on forms
of representation emanating from Brazil, Cuba, the West Indies, the
United States, Haiti, and the Garifuna culture of Honduras and Belize.

Some of the required readings will include:
Baldwin, James. "Go Tell it on the Mountain"
Brathwaite, Edward Kamau. "The Arrivants"
Burton, Richard. "Afro-Creole, Power, Opposition and Play in the
Cosentino, Donald. "Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou"
Dandicant, Edwidge. "Krik Krak"
Ellison, Ralph. "Living with Music: Ralph Ellisonís Jazz Writings"
Lindsay, Auturo. "Santeria Aesthetic in Contemporary Latin American
Moore, Robin. "Nationalizing Blackness: Afrocubanismo and the
Artistic Revolution in 	Havana, 1920-1940."
Murphy, Joseph. "Working the Spirit: Ceremonies of the African
Murrell, Nathaniel, et al. "Chanting Down Babylon: The Rastafari"
ReaderRachel Harding. "A Refuge in Thunder: Candomble and Alternative
Spaces of Blackness"
Sanders, Cheryl. "Saints in Exile: The Holiness-Pentecostal
Experience in African American Religion and Culture"