History | Seminar in African History
H795 | 3039 | Hanson

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Course Description and Aims:
How did Africans live in societies where European colonial
bureaucracies and capitalist corporations sought to dominate the
continent?  In seeking to answer this question, historians of Africa
have had to devise creative ways to hear African voices from and
about the colonial past.  This seminar provides students with
practical guidance in researching and understanding African lives
under colonial rule.  The first sessions introduce students to the
aims, methods and results of historical research, with particular
focus on recent issues and enduring debates in the historical
literature on colonial rule in Africa.  Subsequent sessions are
devoted to the presentation and discussion of research projects
conducted by members of the seminar.

Course Requirements:
Students are required to complete and discuss the common readings and
to write a research paper.  Students majoring in African history must
write a research paper based on primary source materials available in
the United States; African Studies students or African history minor
students need not use primary sources but must a paper exploring a
topic in depth. Throughout the semester students will be asked to
share the results of their research with others in the