History | War and Peace
J400 | 3005 | Eklof

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Through selected readings in Tolstoy's historical novel, "War and
Peace," we examine the dramatic events of the Napoleonic era, when
Russia was led by a charismatic but flawed Tsar, when Russia was
invaded and had to fight for its survival, when a country achieved
its zenith as a European and world power, and boasted a glittering
aristocratic culture, and when Russia began its golden age of poetry
and literature. This was also an era of serfdom, when ninety percent
of the population lived in conditions similar to slavery, but at the
same time enjoyed a standard of living, and perhaps a daily freedom
comparable to that of commoners elsewhere in the Western world.

Requirements:  you will write weekly 1-2 page single-spaced responses
to the readings.  From these responses you will write a term paper on
a theme selected early in the semester.
Readings [includes recommended books]:
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace,  (Norton Edition)	
Janet Hartley, Alexander I	
Peter Kolchin, Unfree Labor			
Natasha Durova, A Russian Cavalry Maiden
Priscilla Roosevelt, Life on the Russian Country Estate
Isabel de Madariaga, Catherine the Great
M. Raeff, Imperial Russia, 1682-1825