Honors | Ideas and Experience - Ancient
H211 | 0002 | R. Cecil

This fall we will focus on the qualities that make a person a
hero(ine), in the eyes of ancient authors, and compare those qualities
with ones we admire today. Beginning with Gilgamesh's heroic struggle
to overcome death, and ending with Satan's struggle to undermine God
(according to Milton) plan for mankind, we will read, discuss, and
write about ten of the ancient and early modern world's greatest
accounts of heroism. In the final week and a half, we will discuss
first-person accounts of heroes written by each of the members of the

Written work for the course will consist of daily written discussion
questions, three critical discussions of 3-5 pages, and a final 6-10
page creative paper.

Course texts:  Gilgamesh, Homer's Iliad & Odyssey, Virgil's Aenead,
Njal's Sage, Sophocle's Antigone & Oedipus Rex, Seneca's Trojan Women,
Shakespeare's Coriolanus & Hamlet, and Milton's Paradise Lost.