Honors | Introduction to Fiction
L204 | 2065 | I. Kreilkamp

In this L204 Introduction to Fiction class, we will read and analyze
four or five novels and several short stories. Our focus will be on
the main structural elements of fictional narratives: character, plot,
setting, time and timing, narrative point-of-view, style, and themes
or meanings. Novels that are likely to be on the syllabus include
Frederick Douglass's The Heroic Slave, William Faulkner's The Bear,,
either Toni Morrison's Sula or Charles Johnson's Middle Passage , and
either Louise Erdrich's Tracks or Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony . The
short stories will be chosen from the Norton Anthology of Short
Fiction. Writing assignments will include five short papers
(4-5 pages) analyzing some structural aspect of a story or novel.
There will also be five quizzes over the readings and lectures during
the semester, but no midterm or final. 50% of final grades will be
based on the papers; 40% on the quizzes; and 10% on attendance and
participation. .