Honors | Prophets, Poets and Kings
N340 | 3517 | J. Choksy

This course traces the history, beliefs, and culture of Iranians from
ancient times through the Arab conquest to the twentieth century.
Focuses on politics, administrative and social institutions, religions
including Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and Islam (Sunnism, Shiism, and
Sufism), relationship between secular and ecclesiastic hierarchies,
status of minorities, devotional and communal change, and Iranian
influences on Islamic culture. Covers the Achaemenian, Parthian,
Sasanian, Umayyad, 'Abbasid, Samanid, Buyid, Seljuk, Mongol, Timurid,
Safavid, Oajar, and Pahlavi dynasties, and the Islamic republic.
Incudes the analysis of primary textual materials in translation.
Visual aids will be used in class.