Honors | General Psychology
P106 | 3834 | Smith

The course looks in depth at four selected sub-areas of psychological
theory and research.  Our purpose is to learn how the science of
psychology is done. Two lectures each week are supplemented by one
lab session discussing and devising research. In the second half of
the semester, students will carry out one major research exercise and
prepare a report of the findings in professional journal format.
Students will in general be expected to participate in critical
discussion of both ideas and data.

BOOKS: Because this is a survey course, we use a text, supplemented
by original sources (i.e., research articles from psychology
journals) as needed.

TESTS AND GRADES: Final grade is based on four exam grades and on the
research project. Exams are a combination of multiple-choice, short-
answer, and essay questions.

AVAILABILITY OF PROFESSOR: Two office hours weekly, and by appointment