Honors | Physics I
P221 | 3694 | A. Dzierba

This is a special section of the calculus-based introductory physics
course (P221/P222), particularly aimed at freshmen interested in the
sciences, although it is also open to sophomores. This is a fairly
intense course, very interactive and collaborative in nature, which
also covers topics in greater depth than the regular P221/P222 course.
Students who take this course also work on lab research projects
rather than the regular P221/P222 labs.

Please look through this site to get a better idea of what this course
is all about. Do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail for
more information. You will need to contact me for permission to
register for this course.

Department of Physics - 265 Swain West
Bloomington, IN (812) 855 - 9421 [office] (812) 825-4063 [home]