Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Health in Diverse Communities
C310 | 6404 | Fleming-Moran

Major differences in the healthiness of ethnic, SES, and other
groups, affects all of societies' members--directly or indirectly.
This course explores how social=cultural factors, gender, ethnicity
and age affect health status disparities seen in identifiable US
populations.  We also examine how these factors aid in understanding
causes of disease, and which factors may be applied in promoting
better health in at-risk groups.  Students will be introduced to
concepts applicable in reducing barriers to use of public and mental
health services, improving health prevention strategies, and the
emerging needs of diverse groups in our health system.  Students will
discuss patterns of human disease and the research in the role of
social factors in these patterns.  Case studies from public health
research, health services, community and behavioral interventions,
also will be used.  Taught concurrently with C529.

Course Objectives:
At the successful conclusion of the course, students will:
-Understand how a suspected social/behavioral risk factor is
determined to be a risk factor for disease.
-Understand how information is gathered to estimate individual health
risk, and dispparities in health status for groups.
-Become informed readers of the health literature, by understanding
limitations and pitfalls in reported health studies
-Identify disparities in health by age, gender, race, sexual
orientation and socio-economic status
-Identify major risk factors for health disparities within specific
-Identify major factors affecting access to health care for diverse
-Identify major cultural factors in adopting the sick role, seeking
care, and use of treatments
-Appriciate how multiple factors (individual, social, cultural, and
environmental) may need to be addressed in improving health in
affected populations
-Understand the applications of social and systems models in health
care, policy making and community prevention efforts