Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Health Problems in the Community
C366 | 6405 | Fleming-Moran

Instructor:  Millicent Fleming-Moran
Office:      HPER 116
Phone:       (812) 855-8361

Course Description:

Health Problems in the Community teaches students how to gather,
review, interpret, and present data on health problems in the
community.  Students study the public and private portions of the
health system that address these health problems.  In this course,
students conduct their own investigations, and periodically report
back to the class their findings.  Students will describe:  The
significant health problems of the major age and ethnic groups in the
United States, how the American health care system does or does not
meet those needs, and explain the challenges that policy makers in
the health system face in responding to health problems in different
sectors of the community.