Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Human Dev I-Concept Early Chldhd
F346 | 6519 | Schmidt

Applied Health Science

CLASS MEETS:  TR, 8:00 A.M. - 9:15 A.M.

INSTRUCTOR:  Maria K. Schmidt, Poplars 622, (812) 855-9892



Examination of prenatal, infant, and early childhood; physical,
cognitve, language, social and emotional characteristics of typical


This course provides an in depth look at children from conception to
age 8.  The aim of this course is to present a balance of theory,
application and research findings and to integrate these aspects of
development by presenting a picture of the whole child situated in
realistic, everyday contexts.  This course is designed for students
who will be living and working with children as teachers, parents,
child-care providers, nurses, counselors, administrators of programs,
and practitioners in a variety of settings.  Therefore, the course
will emphasize current knowledge and theory as well as applications
of this knowledge and theory.


To understand the study of children:
How ages and stages are similar and different
Identify factors that interact to make children what they are
Understand the complexity of human development (conception to
age 8)

Research and Theory:
To understand the theories of child development
To apply theories of child development to practice

To increase understanding of genetics, prenatal development and
To increase understanding of the neonate

Infants and Toddlers:
To increase understanding of physical, cognitive, language,
communication, social and emotional development

Early and Late Childhood:
To increase unerstanding of physical, cognitive, language,
communication, social and emotional development

Making connections:
To explore child development literature
To analyze child development theory in relation to current issues
and trends related to children