Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Hum Dev III-Early Mid Late Adult
F348 | 6520 | Fravel

HPER F348 Human Dev III-Early Mid Late Adult

Applied Health Science


CLASS MEETS:  TR, 4:00 P.M. - 5:15 P.M.

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Deborah Fravel, POP 621, (812) 855-4019



This course provides an overview of knowledge about human development
from young adulthood through old age, to death. The course embraces
both scientific knowledge and personal awareness, first allowings
students to understand from contemporary research just how adult
development occurs in the biosocial, cogni-social, and psychosocial
domains.  Each person takin gand teaching the course is a development
human being, which means that all students approach this course with
interpretations filtered through personal experience.

Students are challenged to address the tension between the scientific
and the personal, to examine their own assumptions and the values
that underlie their study.

The major goals of theis course are (1) to master selected portions
of the body of knowledge concerning human development during
adulthood, and the contexts in which that development occurs; and (2)
to develop critical thinking skills.