Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Family Life Education
F453 | 6528 | Fravel

HPER F453  Family Life Education

Applied Health Science

CLASS MEETS:  Monday  4:00 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Deborah Fravel, POP 621, (812) 855-4019



This course covers education for major issues associated iwth family
life, generally covering all processes involved in the practice of
family life education. Through application of theory, examination of
program models, and other exercises, students will learn to develop a
rationale for, plan, conduct, and evaluate family life education
lessons and progrms.  Students will have opportunities to develop and
evaluate their competencies in group leadership.  This class embraces
a broad definition of "family", and class exercises embrace diverse
family types.