Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Safety Seminar: A Personal Focus
H163 | 6429 | Blair

HPER H163  Safety Seminar:  A Personal Focus

Applied Health Science


CLASS MEETS:  2nd 8 weeks, TR,  4:00 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Section meets with S217

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Earl H. Blair, HPER 116, (812) 856-5768



This course reviews how serious injuries and tragedies occur,
fundamental factors of safety, and personal issues such as motor
vehicle safety, fire safety, natural and man-made disasters,
recreational safety, and personal protection.  This course emphasizes
application to the real world with practical tips on how to avoid
becoming a statistic.  There is also a section on occupational safety
leading to a better understanding of safety in the workplace and
careers in safety.


The course includes in-class activities, brief reaction papers on
guest speaker topics, a short written project, and two objective
exams based on materials covered in the textbook and classroom.