Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Computers In Prst. (3)
R237 | 6998 | I-Tsun Chiang

Location:  HPER 154
Time of Class:  9:30 - 10:45am
Days:  Tuesday and Thursday

Description of Course Content:

This course offers students an introduction to computer applications
in parks, recreation, sports and tourism. The primary emphasis will be
placed on computing using Windows including work processing,
spreadsheet, database, presentation, desktop publishing, electronic
mail, web graphics and World Wide Web computing skills. It is critical
that students have opportuities for intensive study and practice of
current computer applications as a part of their preparation into the
profession.  It is also important that students have opportunities to
complete practical projects with their computing skills and creativity.

Required Book List:

1. "Teach Yourself Visually: Office XP" by Ruth Maran, Hungry Minds,
Inc., 2001. ISBN: 0-7645-0854-7. This book is available in the IU
Bookstore and TIS Bookstore.
2. "Teach Yourself Visually: Dreamweaver 4" by Jade L. Williams (Ed.),
Hungry Minds, Inc., 2001. ISBN: 0-7645-0851-2. This book is available
in the IU Bookstore and TIS Bookstore.

Summary of Assignments:

R402 course assignments include: (1) writing a formal cover letter and
resume to apply for a job in park, recreation, sports, and tourism by
using MS Word, (2) creating a budget spreadsheet for a workshop by
using MS Excel, (3) having a professional presentation in specific
recreation topics by using MS Power Point, (4) criticizing three
differemt types of websites, and (5) designing a professional website
for a facility in parks, recreaiton, sports and tourism.