Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Recreation/Activity Leadership Methods (3)
R272 | 7002 | Dan Elkins

Location:  BH 304
Class Time:  9:05-9:55
Days:  Monday, Wednesday,& Friday

Description of Course Content:
This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn  about
leadership and methods of leading recreation activities. The course
will focus on theory, techniques, and application of personal
leadership skills in a recreation setting. Leadership as a field of
study and personal development will be emphasized allowing each
student to experience leadership in a recreational environment.
Students will be introduced to leadership styles, characteristics, and
practices including group dynamics and direct service leadership
methods. Finally, students will develop and lead group activities
using a recreation activity-programming mode.

Required Book List:
Leadership in Recreation by Ruth V. Russell, McGraw Hill, 2001

Summary of Assignments:
Group activity leading in class, leadership profile, leadership
journals, special event proposal and presentation. Group work and
activity leading performance judged by both the instructor and student