Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Leisure and Aging (3)
R365 | 7025 | Lesa Huber

Course Number:  R365/R565
Section Numbers: 7025,7024,7068,7069
Times: Web based only

Description of Course Content:
Leisure and Aging explores the role of leisure in adult development.
The content of this course relates to knowledge areas of the Certified
Park and Recreation Professional Examination (CPRP) and can be
considered for CPRP ceus. A syllabus and course description is
available at

Required Bool List: Leitner, M.J., & Leitner, S.F. (1996). Leisure in
Later Life (2nd ed.). New York, NY:Haworth Press.

Summary of Assignments: Each unit has fun-filled opportunities for
students to practice and use the information presented in the text and
unit. These practices will help you learn the material presented.
These applications are opportunities for you to interact with the
instructor and each other. Specific directions for completing these
required practices are provided in each unit.

After each unit you will take an online test. Tests are graded
immediately and must be completed by due dates to receive full credit.