Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Wilderness in the American Mind
R385 | 7031 | Joel Meier

Course # R385-R585  Section # 7031-7073
Class Time: 5:30-8:00p.m.   Days--Thursdays   Location HP 01

Additional Info: Deam Wilderness field trip scheduled for October 19-20.

The overall intent of this course is to introduce students to the most
current state of knowledge regarding the philosophy & management of
wilderness today. The course covers the following: the evolution of
wilderness beginning & its significance for management; how wilderness
is managed to protect natural processes while providing visitors with
the high-quality recreation opportunities. The course also covers the
European influence on wilderness thinking in this country, the history
of influential leaders, & the political climate in which wilderness
debates have taken place. The concept of "preservation" versus "wise
use" will be examined in the context of this country in the 19th and
20th century.

Required Book: Wilderness Management, Third Edition, by John C. Hendee
& Chad P. Dawson, copywrite 2002.

Summary of Assignments: Each student is required to write an 8 to 12
page midterm paper. You will also present an oral report on your paper
at a yet to be determined date during the 2nt. 8 weeks of class. The
purpose of this assignment is to have you do background research into
a wilderness is
sue & then present the information & your assessment of the problem in
the paper. You will also share information on your chosen topic in an
oral report presented to the class. Topics are wide open; the only
constraint is that they deal with an actual wilderness issue.