Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Senior Seminar
R402 | 7038 | I-Tsun Chiang

Location: HPER 017
Class Time:  12:20-1:00 pm
Days: Monday

Description of Course Content:

The purpose of this course is to provide emerging professional with a
culmination experience for socialiazation into the profession and for
in-depth investigation into a particular aspect of practice. It is
critical that senior level students have opportunities for intensive
study and discussion of current topics in therapeutic recreation as a
part of their socialization into the profession.  It is also important
that students have opporturnities to complete specialized inquiry into
various aspects of therapeutic recreaiton practice.

Required Book List:

Kennedy, T. & Wittman, J. (ED.) (1997) Guidelines for Competency
Assessment and Curriculum Planning in Therapeutic Recreation: A Tool
for Self Evaluation. Hattiesburg, MS: American Therapeutic Recreation

Summary of Assignments:

R402 course assignments include: (1) writing a formal cover letter and
resume to apply a job in Therapeutic Recreation industry, (2) writing
a summary of "self-assessment" to evaluate students' competency in
therapeutic recreation practice, (3) having a formal In-Class Power
Point Presentation in specific therapeutic recreation topics, and (4)
having a formal Poster Presentation in specific therapeutic recreation
topics to HPER faculty and students.