Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Legal Aspects of Recreation, Parks, Tourism and Sports Mangement (3)
R441 | 7044 | Bruce B. Hronek

Class Time: 10:10-11:00 am Days(MWF)
Location: Ballantine Hall 03 Additional Info: Class attendance very

Course concentrates on legal aspects of recreation, parks, tourism and
sports management. The course provides student with a basic
understanding of the risk management process, negligence, intentional
torts. Constitutional torts, strict liability, standard of care,
attractive nuisance and other legal subjects.

Required Book: Hronek, Bruce B. and Spengler, J.O. Liability in
Recreatio  and Sports, 2nd Edition, Sagamore Publishing.

Summary of Assignments: Three exams, term paper, law library
assignments, and extra credit projects.