Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Management of Leisure Services (3)
R466 | 7045 | Dr. Sarah J. Young

Class Times: 11:15a. - 12:05p
Location BH 006

Description of Course Content:  This required course for all
recreation majors is designed to equip students with basic knowledge
and abilities necessary to administer and manage public, not-for-
profit, or commercial leisure service agenciews.

Required Book List:  Edginton, C.R., Hudson, S.D., & Lankford, S.V.
(2001). Managing recreation, parks, and leisure services: An
introduction.  Champaign, IL. Sagamore Publishing.

Summary of Assignments:

*  Exams.  There will be a total of three objective and short answer
exams given during the semester.

*  Case Studies.  Real-life situations will be presented
corresponding with the topics of discussion in class. There will be 3
case studies assigned throughout the semester with the best 2 papers
counting towards a student's final grade.

*  Manager Interview. Each student will be required to identify and
interview a person who works in a management position. The interview
will be summarized in a 3-4 page report.

*  Board Meeting Review. Each student will be required to attend a
board meeting of an organization and summarize the topics covered.
The meeting will be summarized in a 3-4 page report.

*  Management Project. This is a semester-long group project that
will simulate management and human resources processes from beginning
to end. Much of the material in the project will be covered in class
discussions and exercises.