Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Personnel Management (3)
R471 | 7047 | Mick Renneisen

Location:    HPER 019
Class Times: 11:15-12:30
Days:  Tuesday/Thursday

Description of Course Content:
A study in the dynamics of personnel management in the recreational
sport management environment.

Aims & Objectives of the Course:

A.  To provide practical experience in the management of human resources.

B.  To recognize intentional misconduct in the recreation and park

C.  To teach effective program control techniques through the
management of human resources.

D.  To become familiar with the organizational skill associated with
personnel management.

E.  To understand basic personnel management skills and techniques for
entry or middle level manager.

Required Book List:  F.J. Bridges (2000). Management for
Athletic/Sport Administration: Theory and Practice (3rd Edition).
Assigned readings from articles provided in an additional packet.

Summary of Assignments:  Assigned readings from the text and selected
articles will be used to stimulate class discussions. Students are
expected to come to class prepared to discuss assigned material.
One project, encompassing the process of recruiting, selecting,
training and supervising a potential employee, will be assigned. In
addition, 4 exams will be scheduled to measure the student's
understanding of assigned materials and class discussions.