History and Philosophy Of Science | Objectivity
X755 | 3072 | Lloyd

We shall take a wide approach in investigating the concept of
objectivity and its uses in both philosophy of science and in analytic
philosophy. Participants will be expected to turn in weekly 1-page
papers, and to present one week's reading to the seminar.  Readings
will include the work of T. Nagel, J.J.C. Smart, T.S. Kuhn, E.
McMullin, R. Rorty, I. Hacking, E. Cassirer, H. Longino, R. Bernstein,
B. Williams, C. Wright, R. Boyd, D. Davidson, J. Dewey, D. Haraway, C.
Gillispie, S. Haslanger, C.I. Lewis, J. McDowell, H. Putnam, and