Latino Studies | Seminar in Latino Studies: Learning to Serve Bloomington Latinos
L396 | 3111 | M.L. Casillas

TR 9:30-10:45 a.m. Sunroom/La Casa, 715 E. Seventh St. (3 cr) (SL)
(CSA) (S&H)

The Latino population of the US is growing rapidly.  In many areas,
this growth is due to recent immigrants who often have difficulties
in successfully obtaining information and service from many vital
institutions such as local governments, health care providers, law
enforcement agencies, etc.  Many of these difficulties are due to
language differences, but there are other barriers as well.   The
course will focus on this issue through both traditional and service
learning.  The students would be expected to spend a substantial
amount of time interacting with Latino immigrants and with service
providers.  While not required, a speaking knowledge of Spanish will
be a great asset.  The class will be cancelled if a majority of the
students in the class are not fluent in Spanish.