Latino Studies | Latinos in the Media
L396 | 3112 | Y. Rivero

This course examines U.S. film and television constructions of
Hispanics and the Latinos/as’ (i.e. Mexican-American/Chicano, Puerto
Rican/Boricua, and Cuban-American) counter-hegemonic responses to
mainstream stereotypical representations.  Throughout the semester we
will explore the complex relationship between mainstream media
constructions of Hispanics and the Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban
migrations to the U.S.  Thus, a key element in our discussions will
be the ethnic “transformations” of Hispanic stereotypes.  Finally, we
will discuss the ways in which specific Latino communities have
created media products to represent the multiple and diverse
identities and cultural elements that are part of U.S. pan-national
Latino groups.  We will pay special attention to the ways in which
Latino alternative media problematize issues of ethnicity, gender,
class, sexuality, and race.