Living-Learning Center | Who Are The Irish?
L210 | 1023 | Craig Owens

The question, first posed by the Irishman Captain MacMorris in
Shakespeareís Henry V, remains valid still today.  Seeing domination,
exploitation, poverty, revolution, civil war, artistic and literary
renaissance, modernization, and finally uneasy peace, the Irish have
experienced more in 400 years than most nations do in a millennium.
And yet depictions of the Irish and conceptions of Ireland have
largely been forged by outsiders until the latter half of the 19th
Century.  This course intends in part to chart the evolution of those
depictions and conceptions, from the stereotypically bestial, violent
caricatures of the 19th century through to the complex, politically
empowered and modernized Irish of the 20th century.  The course will
look at literary texts: plays, novels, poems, and also non-
traditional texts such as political tracts, films, news coverage, and
cultural artifacts.

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