Living-Learning Center | Black Women In Music
L210 | 1025 | Stephanie Shonekan

You will meet Black women of the Diaspora through the literary genres
of autobiography and biography.  These works provide a rare and
fascinating portrayal of the lives and musical contributions of Black
women.  However, approaches to these studies and the interpretation
of data by journalists and musicologists often reflect limited
perspectives, which result in sketchy and inadequate treatments of
Black women in the context of Black music histories.  Thus, this
course departs from the typical discourse on Black women by closely
examining and intertwining two modes of expression–music and life
stories–thus allowing the women to talk for themselves.  The study
will include Mahalia Jackson, Billie Holiday, Tina Turner, Aretha
Franklin, Diana Ross, Camilla Williams, Miriam Makeba, and Queen

(Arts and Humanities distribution credit)

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