Living-Learning Center | Ancient Egypt and Popular Culture
L220 | 1026 | Ethan Watrall

Since Napoleon first invaded Egypt in 1799, the western world has
been incredibly fascinated with all things ancient Egyptian.
Ultimately, however, all these activities were aided and encouraged
by a world system in which colonialism still reigned supreme.  Egypt
was considered a resource from which European powers could
indiscriminately remove whatever they wished.  Despite the fact that
outright colonialism diminished, the infatuation with ancient Egypt
only increased.  The advent and widespread use of new types of media
only served to drive Egyptomania into a far more popular realm.
People’s fascination, sparked by events such as the discovery of
Tutankhamun’s tomb, only increased with films like The Mummy (1932).
What is it about ancient Egypt that we find so captivating?  The
purpose of this course is to explore the nature and history of
Egyptomania, comparing the true nature of ancient Egypt with popular
media presentations.

(Social and Historical Studies distribution credit)

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