Living-Learning Center | Media Bias in US Politics
L220 | 1027 | Michael Wagner

More Americans claim to get the bulk of their news from TV than
anywhere else.  A critical thinker might wonder: Is this a good thing
or a bad thing?  In the most general sense this is what this course
seeks to answer.  Three key questions will be asked: 1. How valid are
typical broadcast media reports? (What sources are ignored? Used?
What assumptions are made?  What facts are missing?)  2. What impact
do media conglomerates have on what is reported? (Do media companies
kill stories, shape stories, offer suggestions for stories, give
reporters autonomy?)  3. What does all this mean? (About how we watch
TV news, how well the media does its job, how politicians communicate
issues, and of course, about democracy in America).

(Social and Historical Studies distribution credit)

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