Labor Studies | Images of Labor Through Film
L290 | 7250 | Steven Ashby

Also offered as:  L390 (Section 7256) and HIST A200
3 credit; 6:00-9:30 PM; Monday; Sep 2-Nov. 18; SB 150
This 12-week class will feature the viewing and discussion of labor-
oriented films and documentaries including:  Matewan, Grapes of
Wrath, The Killing Floor, Salt of the Earth, Norma Rae, American
Dream, and On the Waterfront.  In each session we will discuss the
specific labor struggles and working class issues addressed in the
film; look at those issues from the perspective of 20th century
American labor history; discuss issues raised in the film, including
those of working conditions, race, gender, union goals, and labor-
management relations; and compare and contrast the films.