Labor Studies | The Global Economy Comes Home
L290 | 7252 | Steven Ashby

Also offered as L390 (Section 7258)
1 credit; 9:30 AM-12:15 PM; Wednesday; WH 111; 5 sessions, Oct. 23-
Nov. 20
Bloomington has been battered by plant closings or mass layoffs at
General Electric, Otis Elevator, Thomson and other companies.  In
November 1999 more than 50,000 demonstrators--unionists,
environmentalists, students and citizens' action groups--shut down
Seattle as they protested the practices of the World Trade
Organization.  What is the connection between these two events?  Are
US and Third World workers benefiting from globalization?  This
course will discuss the causes, ramifications, and popular and labor
response to plant closings, globalization, free trade and global
trade agreements.