Labor Studies | How the Media Views Workers and Labor
L290 | 7253 | Steven Ashby

Also offered as L390 (section 7259)
1 credit; 5:45-8:25 PM; Wednesday; Nov. 6-Dec. 11; SB150
This course will review and analyze how the mainstream media--
newspapers, radio, television news and shows, and film--portrays
workers and organized labor.  We will begin by analyzing the media as
an institution in American society, and the role corporate ownership
of the media plays in creating biases.  Then we will examine positive
and negative examples of media portrayal of workers and unions--from
All in the Family to the film Hoffa to your daily newspaper to
changing images of public workers since September 11.  Reading:
Through Jaundiced Eyes:  How the Media View Organized Labor, by
William Puette and a course reader.