Medical Sciences | Disease and the Human Body
M131 | 7475 | Bosin; Martin; Ronan; Dougherty

(3 cr.)
12:20P-1:10P MWF FA 015

Suitable for non-science majors.  CLASS ATTENDANCE REQUIRED.
This team-taught course will use common diseases to introduce students
to the structure and function of their bodies.  Each unit will begin
with a description of a specific diseases and a discussion of the
clinical picture of the disease, the alteration in the normal anatomy
(structure) and physiology (function) of the body caused by the
disease, as well as pharmacological (drug) or other therapies used to
stop the disease and allow the body to return to normal.  This course
is designed to provide a basic understanding of common diseases that
inflict the human body and will not be exhaustive in scope.