Philosophy | Topics in Metaphysics
P310 | 3593 | Senchuk

Metaphysics, according to Aristotle, is the study of being qua
being.  Sometimes taken to be the very core of philosophy, other
times derided as unscientific nonsense, metaphysics does tend to
emphasize questions about what sorts of things may be said to exist,
how those things are related to each other, what is the nature of
existence, and what is the nature and status of metaphysical
inquiry.  This course will explore some classic and contemporary
writings on a group of interrelated metaphysical topics.  These
topics will include the ontology of perception, the distinction
between public and private phenomena, the relation between the mental
and the physical, the existence of universals, and the nature of

This course satisfies the Metaphysics and Epistemology area
requirement for philosophy majors.

Active classroom participation in discussion will be strongly
encouraged.  Take-home written assignments  including micro-themes,
exams, and a term paper  will be the primary basis for grades,
though classroom participation will be taken (only positively) into
account in borderline cases.