Philosophy | Logic of Sets
P350 | 3597 | McCarty

Note: This class meets with P551, Philosophy and the Foundations of

The first goal of this joint advanced undergraduate/graduate course
is to acquaint students with the basic foundational ideas and results
of axiomatic set theory including those concerning set operations,
natural numbers, ordinal numbers, cardinal numbers, transfinite
induction and the Axiom of Choice. During the second half of the
semester, we will turn to a close study of models of set theory,
particularly Boolean-valued models, taking as our goal an
understanding of the important independence results, e.g., the
independence of the Axiom of Choice.

Enderton, Herbert, "Elements of Set Theory," Academic Press.

Bell, J.L. "Boolean-Valued Models and Independence Proofs in Set
Theory," Oxford University Press.

Grading and Assignments:
In addition to readings from the textbooks and weekly, written
assignments consisting of short essays and exercises in set theory,
there will be one written, in-class, midterm examination and a
written final examination. Frequent in-class quizzes will also be
administered. To an extent, there will be separate requirements and
grading scales for undergraduates and graduate students.

Note: Graduate students taking this course will be expected to have
complete P506. Undergraduates should have completed P251.