Philosophy | Metaphysics
P560 | 3608 | O'Connor

In this seminar we will consider a cluster of basic questions
traditionally grouped under the label of "free will": What is it to
have free will? Why do we want it? Is it compatible with causal (or
any other type of) determinism? Is it compatible with causal
indeterminism? Is it consistent with a 'naturalized' view of human
agents? We'll have to ask ourselves just what this naturalized view
is supposed to be, and whether we have good reason to think it's
true. And, finally, of course: do we have it? (I disclaim any
responsibility for fatalistic funks that may result from your
meditations on this subject.)

Members of the seminar will be asked to write regular short
commentaries on readings and to submit a final term paper.

Texts: Robert Kane, ed., THE OXFORD HANDBOOK ON FREE WILL (2002);
Derk Pereboom, ed. FREE WILL.