Political Science | Transformation of the American Social Welfare System
Y200 | 3764 | Bickers

This course will examine the major changes in the American social
welfare over the past decade.  We will look at the shift from away
from the New Deal-era welfare system to the system adopted during the
mid-1990s in which responsibilities for providing welfare services
for the non-elderly have been devolved to states and local
governments.  Along the way, we will examine changes in domestic and
global labor markets that have affected the ability of low-education,
low-skill Americans to earn wages that provide them with economic
security.  We will also analyze the responses of public agencies and
private organizations that deliver social welfare services to help
families move successfully from welfare into the workforce.  As part
of this course, students will engage in computer-based policy
simulations that will assist students in exploring factors that
impact transitions from welfare to work, including the effects of
altering funding levels for social welfare, economic development, and
employment and training.  Course grades will be determined on the
basis of several short papers and memos, three exams, and in-class