Political Science | The Past and Future of Global Conflict
Y210 | 3766 | Thompson

International relations theory can be examined abstractly or in
terms of a specific application.  We will pursue the latter course
with a focus on the 21st century's China problem.  As in the case of
the earlier German problem, the quandry is how to accommodate the
emergence of a new major power.  We will look briefly at the nature
of the German problem in the 19th through mid-20th centuries and the
literature on Worlds War I and II.  We will also look at different
interpretations of what the Chinese problem represents.  With this
foundation, subsequent weeks will explore different theoretical
interpretations of structural change in international relations.
Students will be asked to write four papers of medium length that are
intended to be integrated into one seminar paper.  Each paper will
reflect a growing familiarity with IR theory and ways in which to
apply it to the China problem.