Political Science | Russian Politics
Y332 | 3774 | Hale

With over 20,000 nuclear warheads, territory spanning 1/7 of the
globe’s land mass, and 150 million people, Russia is surely one of
the states in which developments could most directly affect the lives
and liberties of Americans and citizens of other countries.  Through
a combination of lectures, readings, films and in-class exercises,
students will examine possible causes of the political instability
that has plagued Russia since its Communist regime collapsed in
1991.  Factors to be studied include history, culture, economic
reforms, ethnic strife, political institutions, and leadership.
Related questions to be addressed include:  What drove the USSR to
disintegrate?  Why has the Russian economy been so troubled and what
are its future prospects?  Is President Vladimir Putin a budding
dictator or a clever democrat?