Political Science | American Political Ideas 1
Y383 | 3783 | Hanson

This course explores early American ideas about government and its
role in social and economic life.  We trace these ideas to their
English origins and show how they were adapted by immigrants to New
England, mid-Atlantic, and southern colonies, respectively.  These
adaptations laid the groundwork for a Declaration of Independence and
the exercise of popular sovereignty under the Articles of
Confederation.  The Constitution of the United States was proposed in
reaction to the alleged excesses of majority rule under the Articles,
and we will review the ratification debates in detail. We conclude
with an assessment of a newly-installed government that was
republican in character, but not democratic in form.
	The course is taught in lecture format.  Reading assignments
average about 175 pages per week.  Grades are based on two essay
examinations, a ten page paper, and a series of short quizzes or
exercises administered via OnCourse.