Religious Studies | Modern Jewish Literature: Tales of Rabbi Nachman Bratislav
R445 | 3983 | Dan

Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, one of the most important leaders of a
Hasidic sect in the beginning of the 19th century, told 13 stories
between 1806 and the year he died, 1811.  Rabbi Nachman was a mystic
and believed in his own messianic mission, which he expressed both in
his homiletic writings and in the stories.  These narratives were
discussed by many scholars in the last hundred years, and conflicting
interpretations have been suggested to their enigmatic aspects.The
course will include detailed analysis of several of these stories,
comparing them to their kabbalistic origins, and using them as a
meaningful example to the exploration of the relationship between
literary creativity and mystical experiences.  They will be compared
to other literary works by Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mystics in
an attempt to outline the characteristics of this universal religious