Religious Studies | Topics in Islam: Islam In America
R456 | 3986 | Jaques

Islam is one of the fastest growing religious traditions in North
America. It is also a tradition that, since September 11, has been
under intense media and popular scrutiny. This course will examine
the history and the current state of Islam in America. It will look
at the various manifestations of Islam in North America including,
immigration, Islam in the context of slavery, African American Islam,
The Nation of Islam, revivalism, and what many refer to as American
Islam. Since this course will be held in the evening, it will afford
us the opportunity to go on a number of ethnographic fields trips to
the Bloomington Islamic center, as well as to Muslim sites in other
parts of southern Indiana. No prior course on Islam is necessary.
Requirements: There will be one midterm exam (essay) and a final
research paper (10-15 pages) covering a topic of your choice dealing
with Islam in America. There will also be short (500 word) weekly
reaction papers to the readings. Attendance and participation is
Readings: TBA