Slavic Languages and Literatures | Topics Course: Breaking the Code
E103 | ALL | Volkova

This course is an interdisciplinary course. It serves to introduce students to the fundamentals of semiotics, communication theory, linguistics, as well as to an innovative way of looking at texts from the point of view of the underlying feelings and impl
ied human values and from the point of view of cultural conditioning. Students learn about different types of texts and the goal of the course is to teach them how to be more discerning readers.

Another goal of this course is to teach students the basic concepts of semiotics and communication theory in a practical and entertaining way, employing a hands on approach. The course uses an innovative approach to texts. Instead of the usual analysis of
texts which allows us to understand their surface meaning, we teach students how to see the authors hidden prejudices as regards to sexism, racism, nationalism, etc. We focus on hidden, underlying values and silent implications which affect the readers o
ften without them realizing it. Values which are unconsciously adopted and often spread without noticing are explored. One of the methods to reach this goal is exploration of major world religions and myths.