Slavic Languages and Literatures | ADV RUS SYNTAX & STYLISTICS I
R501 | 4041 | N. Perlina

The course is focused on a thorough study of the main functional
styles in modern Russian language and is aimed to meet professional
needs of those interested in interdisciplinary studies (semiotics of
culture, oral history, and gender studies) The problems to be covered
and the texts to be discussed are:
1.	Varieties of communicative styles and their semantic and
syntactical features; professional terminology and colloquial means
of expression.
2.	Various structures of communicative discourses: monologue and
dialogue; direct discourse, discourse interference, and reported
3. 	Pragmatic function of different discourse genres: a)
conducting, transcribing and interpretinng an interview; b)
collecting oral histories and reading individual biographical
accounts against the broader cultural-historical context.
4.	 Mass-media and its communicative styles: newspapers,
radio and TV.

Materials for the course will be provided by instructor. Fragments
from memoirs, letters, and personal accounts of native Russians
representing different generations and cultural stata of the societu
will be included. Women's personal accounts of life under the siege
of Leningrad and interviews with the Siege survivors will be included