Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 4076 | Crage

"(Sociology) should rather cause us to see things in a different way
from the ordinary man, for the purpose of any science is to make
discoveries, and all such discoveries more or less upset accepted
opinions." -Emile Durkheim

Sociologists look at social life differently than do people in many
other fields. How do sociologists approach the study of humans, and
what do they find? For instance, are the rich really getting richer
and the poor poorer? Why is some music played in symphony halls while
other music is played in clubs? How has the structure of the family
been changing, and what do people think about it? Why are some drugs
illegal, other drugs legal with a prescription, and other drugs
available over the counter? How does the study of broad trends and
patterns like these help us understand individuals' lives and

Using lectures and discussion, this class will introduce students to
the answers to questions like these. In the process, we will learn
what sociologists do, why they do it, and what sociology can teach us
about ourselves and the societies we are part of.