Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 4094 | McCabe

Topic:  Childhood & Youth in Contemporary Society

This course is about childhood and youth in contemporary society.
Among the questions we may explore are:  What does it mean to be a
child or adolescent in everyday life?  How are experiences throughout
childhood both different and similar for boys and girls?  What does
it mean to be “popular” in elementary school?  How do kids’ lives
change with the move to high school?  Has there been a loss of
childhood in the past few decades?  Where do parents fit into
children’s lives?  How does the media influence children’s
experiences?  What role does culture (through music, books, games,
television, movies, toys, etc.) play in children’s lives?  Although
this course focuses primarily on childhood in the United States and
other Western societies, we will also examine many of these topics
from a multi-cultural or global perspective.  Throughout the course
students will be encouraged to examine critically their own
experiences and beliefs regarding these issues.